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Title: Seedlings production of two tomato (Solanum licopersicum L.) cultivars under different environments and substrates
Authors: Monteiro Neto, João Luiz Lopes
Araújo, Wellington Farias
Oliveira Vilarinho, Lucianne Braga
de Oliveira Nunes, Taline Katlen
da Silva, Edgley Soares
da Silva Maia, Sonicley
Albuquerque, José de Anchieta Alves de
Keywords: Operaciones forestales
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonía Peruana
Abstract: The type of environment and substrates quality in seedlings production are essential for the production of productive plants under field conditions. In order to determine the best environment and substrate for seedlings production of two tomato cultivars (IPA 06 and Santamélia), two experiments, completely randomized and arranged in subdivided plots with five replicates, were conducted under the environmental conditions of Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil. Treatments consisted of the association among five environments (A1 - greenhouse, A2 - Chromatinet ® 35% red, A3 - Chromatinet ® 50% red, A4 - Chromatinet ® 35% Silver and A5 - Chromatinet ® 50% Silver) and four substrates S1 - OrganoAmazon®; S2 -OrganoAmazon® + PuroHumus®; S3 - OrganoAmazon® + PuroHumus® + soil + bovine manure, and S4- OrganoAmazon® + PuroHumus® + soil + bovine manure + carbonized rice husk (CRH) on the following variables: number of leaves, plant height, stem diameter, dry shoot and root biomass, plant height/stem diameter ratio accordingly to colon & Dickson quality index of seedlings. Substrates made with the addition of PuroHumus®, without presenting CRH (S2 and S3), which favored the increasing of all analyzed variables. In addition, greenhouse, especially when is associated to S2 substrate, had achieved the best environment for seedlings production of the two evaluated tomato cultivars. Photoconverter shading nets we are not efficient in tomato seedlings production under climatic conditions of Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil.
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