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Title: Development of nuclear and plastid SNP and INDEL markers for population genetic studies and timber traceability of Carapa species
Authors: Tysklind, Niklas
Blanc‑Jolivet, Céline
Mader, Malte
Meyer‑Sand, Barbara R. V.
Paredes‑Villanueva, Kathelyn
Honorio Coronado, Eurídice N.
García‑Dávila, Carmen R.
Sebbenn, Alexandre M.
Caron, Henri
Troispoux, Valerie
Guichoux, Erwan
Keywords: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: Springer Nature.
Citation: Conservation Genet Resour 11, 337–339 (2019).
Abstract: Low coverage MiSeq genome sequencing and restriction associated DNA sequencing (RADseq) were used to identify nuclear and plastid SNP and INDEL genetic markers in Carapa guianensis. 261 genetic markers including 237 nuclear SNPs, 22 plastid SNPs, and 2 plastid INDELs are described based on 96 genotyped individuals from French Guiana, Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. The best 117 SNPs for identifying population structure and performing individual assignment are assembled into four multiplexes for MassARRAY genotyping.
ISSN: 1877-7260
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