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Title: Nuclear and chloroplastic SNP markers for genetic studies of timber origin for Hymenaea trees
Authors: Chaves, Camila L.
Blanc‑Jolivet, Celine
Sebbenn, Alexandre M.
Mader, Malte
Meyer‑Sand, Barbara R. V.
Paredes‑Villanueva, Kathelyn
Honorio Coronado, Euridice N.
Garcia‑Davila, Carmen
Tysklind, Niklas
Troispoux, Valerie
Massot, Marie
Degen, Bernd
Keywords: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: Springer Nature.
Citation: Conservation Genet Resour 11, 329–331 (2019).
Abstract: We developed nuclear and chloroplastic single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and INDEL (insertion/deletion) markers using restriction associated DNA sequencing (RADSeq) and low coverage MiSeq genome sequencing to set up a genetic tracking method of the geographical origin of Hymenaea sp. From two initial sets of 358 and 32 loci used to genotype at least 94 individuals, a final set of 75 nSNPs, 50 cpSNPs and 6 INDELs identifying significant population structure was developed.
ISSN: 1877-7260
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