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Lefebre_articulo_2019.pdf.jpg2019-08Biochar effects on two tropical tree species and its potential as a tool for reforestationLefebvre, David; Román-Dañobeytia, Francisco; Soete, Judith; Cabanillas, France; Corvera Gomringer, Ronald; Ascorra, César; Fernández, Luis E.; Silman, Miles
Corvera_libro_2010.pdf.jpg2010La castaña amazónica (Bertholletía excelsa) manual de cultivoCorvera Gomringer, Ronald; Del Castillo Torres, Dennis; Suri Palomino, Wilsón; Cusi Auca, Edgar; Canal Zamora, Alfredo
porcher_articulo_2018.pdf.jpg2018-11Fire and distance dependent recruitment of the Brazil nut in the Peruvian AmazonPorcher, Vincent; Thomas, Evert; Corvera Gomringer, Ronald; Bardales Lozano, Ricardo
chiriboga_articulo_2020.pdf.jpg2020-10Genetic threats to the Forest Giants of the Amazon: Habitat degradation effects on the socio-economically important Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa)Chiriboga Arroyo, Fidel; Jansen, Merel; Bardales Lozano, Ricardo; Ismail, Sascha A.; Thomas, Evert; García, Mishari; Corvera Gomringer, Ronald; Kettle, Chris J.
thomas_articulos_2017.pdf.jpg2017-08NTFP harvesters as citizen scientists: Validating traditional and crowdsourced knowledge on seed production of Brazil nut trees in the Peruvian AmazonThomas, Evert; Valdivia, Jheyson; Alcázar Caicedo, Carolina; Quaedvlieg, Julia; Wadt, Lucia Helena O.; Corvera Gomringer, Ronald
Dionisio_articulo_2019b.pdf.jpg2019-07Production of Bertholletia excelsa Humb. & Bonpl., (Lecythidaceae) seedlings in microenvironments under different substratesDionisio, Luiz Fernandes Silva; Cusi Auca, Edgar; Bardales Lozano, Ricardo; Schwartz, Gustavo; Rodrigues, Richard Pinheiro; Corvera Gomringer, Ronald
corvera_articulo_2021.pdf.jpg2021-01Survival and early growth of 51 tropical tree species in areas degraded by artisanal gold mining in the Peruvian AmazonRomán Dañobeytia, Francisco; Cabanillas, France; Lefebvre, David; Farfán, Jhon; Alferez, Jesús; Polo Villanueva, Fredy; Llacsahuanga Salazar, Juana; Vega, Claudia M.; Velásquez, Manuel; Corvera Gomringer, Ronald; Condori, Edith; Ascorra, César; Fernández, Luis E.; Silman, Miles R.
thomas_articulos_2015.pdf.jpg2015-05Uncovering spatial patterns in the natural and human history of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) across the Amazon BasinThomas, Evert; Caicedo, Carolina Alcázar; McMichael, Crystal H.; Corvera Gomringer, Ronald; Loo, Judy