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Title: Ergasilus tipurus n. Sp. (copepoda: Ergasilidae), a parasite of Brazilian amazon fish species
Authors: Bezerra Varella, Angela Maria
Murrieta Morey, Germán
De Oliveira Malta, José Celso
Keywords: Parasitismo
Manejo de parásitos
Parásitos de peces
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: Varella, A.M.B., Morey, G.A.M. & de Oliveira Malta, J.C. Ergasilus tipurus n. sp. (Copepoda: Ergasilidae), A Parasite of Brazilian Amazon Fish Species. Acta Parasit. 64, 187–194 (2019).
Abstract: Introduction Copepods are common components in all types of fsh assemblages, being present in fshes of all ecosystems. The Ergasilidae Burmeister, 1835 is one of the biggest families in the order Cyclopoida Burmeister, 1834, with the majority of species found on freshwater fshes.Material and methods Ergasilus tipurus n. sp. is described from the nasal fossae of Calophysus macropterus and Sorubim lima captured in the rivers Guaporé and Mamoré in the State of Rondônia, Brazil, and from the nasal fossae and the gills of Rhaphiodon vulpinus collected from foodplain lakes of the Solimões River in the State of Amazonas, Brazil. Results The new species difers from all known species of Ergasilus from Brazilian waters by: (1) antennule setal formula 3:7:3:4:2:5; (2), having three segmented frst endopod of leg I; and (3) having leg V with a single well-developed segment with one middle distal setae, two distal setae placed laterally and two basal papillae, each provided with a simple seta.Discussion From all Ergasilus species described in the neotropics, this is the frst species that can be found parasitizing the gills and nasal fossae of the reported hosts.
ISSN: 2509-2804
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