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girardi_articulo_2015.pdf.jpg2015-07Evaluation of antiplasmodial and antileishmanial activities of herbal medicine Pseudelephantopus spiralis (Less.) Cronquist and isolated hirsutinolide-type sesquiterpenoidsGirardi, Cynthia; Fabre, Nicolas; Paloque, Lucie; Ramadani, Arba Pramundita; Benoit Vical, Françoise; González Aspajo, Germán; Haddad, Mohamed; Rengifo Salgado, Elsa Liliana; Jullian, Valérie
2019-04How histone deacetylase inhibitors alter the secondary metabolites of Botryosphaeria mamane, an endophytic fungus isolated from Bixa orellanaTriastuti, Asih; Vansteelandt, Marieke; Barakat, Fatima; Trinel, Manon; Jargeat, Patricia; Fabre, Nicolas; Amasifuen Guerra, Carlos A.; Mejía Carhuanca, Kember; Valentin, Alexis; Haddad, Mohamed
trinel_articulo_2018.pdf.jpg2018-05Profiling of Hura crepitans L. latex by ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation linear ion trap Orbitrap mass spectrometryTrinel, Manon; Jullian, Valérie; Le Lamer, Anne-Cécile; Mhamdi, Icram; Mejía Carhuanca, Kember; Del Castillo Torres, Dennis; Cabanillas Amado, Billy; Fabre, Nicolas
barakat_articulo_2019.pdf.jpg2019-02Thiodiketopiperazines with two spirocyclic centers extracted from Botryosphaeria mamane, an endophytic fungus isolated from Bixa orellana L.Barakat, Fatima; Vansteelandt, Marieke; Triastuti, Asih; Jargeat, Patricia; Jacquemin, Denis; Graton, Jérôme; Mejía Carhuanca, Kember; Cabanillas Amado, Billy; Vendier, Laure; Stigliani, Jean-Luc; Haddad, Mohamed; Fabre, Nicolas